The BEST selling LCD backlight kit for the MC 8000!

Our Story

A few years ago, my mother had asked for help in repairing her Janome "New Home" Memory Craft 8000 sewing machine.  Once I uncovered the problem with the machine, I realized that Janome no longer offered the replacement LCD backlight.  In my search for a solution, it became obvious to me that many people were in need of this part.  I decided to contact a manufacturer to have this part produced to the same specifications as the OEM part.  Due to the complexity of this sewing machine, I also decided to include a custom installation manual to simplify the backlight replacement.  

My wife and I have been selling this kit since 2009 and we guarantee the LCD backlight for the remaining life of your Memory Craft 8000.  The feedback from our customers has been outstanding, most of which are so thankful that they can continue using their Memory Craft 8000 for many years to come!


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